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As our name suggests, Full Service Property Management is a property management firm specializing in all aspects of the property management cycle. 

The first step in the process is making sure that your home is rent-ready.  This includes assessing the condition of your property, appliances, fixtures, etc.  FSPM will conduct a walk-thru of the home and provide recommendations for repairs, maintanance, and improvements.  We also have a list of licensed and insured companies that have proven themselves as quality vendors.  We are happy to assist you in coordinating such items in preperation for showing your home to prospective applicants. 

Once your property is ready for viewing by prospective applicants (or nearly ready), FSPM will begin advertising immediately. Our most effective advertising campaign is done via the internet.  As our firm is a member of the MLS, your property will be available to nearly 35,000 agents and their respective offices.  We even offer compensation to outside agents who help us secure a qualified tenant for your property.  Your listing will also be sent out to numerous websites, the most popular being, Zillow, Trulia,, Homesnap, and HotPads.  In addition, we also place a professional sign in the yard, drawing attention to the availability of your home (as permitted by various communities).  Scheduling showings to customers can often be difficult to coordinate.  FSPM has made viewing our properties a breeze as we have a designated Showing Specialist who is dedicated to showing our rental properties at times most convenient for our customers. 

FSPM conducts a thorough background screening of all applicants age 18 and older.  Along with a full credit check, we also perform a nationwide criminal background check.  In addition, we check for any evictions, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and liens.  We also verify employment and income, and follow-up with prior landlords.  A photo of any pets is required with the application.  As the homeowner, you make the final decision regarding approval of an applicant.  However, FSPM will provide you with recommendations based on the applicants' background screening.  Our guidelines are stringent, however we find that selecting a well-qualified tenant is essential in ensuring a positive rental experience for all parties. 

Once you have approved an applicant, FSPM will order a property-specific lease from attorneys specializing in property management and landlord-tenant relationships.  We will then coordinate the signing of the lease by all parties.  FSPM will also document the property, taking between 500-1000 photos, as well as completing a written walk-thru.  This documentation provides concrete evidence of the condition of the home when the tenants take possession.  We will notify you if we find any other items that need attention prior to tenant's move-in.  A representative from FSPM will meet your tenants at the home to conduct a final walk-thru and provide possession of the home to your tenants.

Once your tenant has taken possession of the property, FSPM transitions from the Finder's Fee portion of the process to Monthly Management.  As suggested, monthly management handles the recurring tasks associated with the property.  We offer three options for payment of tenants' rent, helping to assure that payments are timely.  If payment is not received on time, FSPM attempts to contact tenants via phone, email, and a home visit if necessary to determine a plan moving forward.  A 3-day notice will be posted to initiate the eviction process, as instructed by the homeowner.  Homeowner's may elect to have their rent proceeds mailed to them or deposited directly into their account.  FSPM handles maintenance and repairs of the interior and exterior of the home as necessary, utilizing only licensed and insured vendors. With the exception of emergency repairs, we will seek approval for items and/or services in excess of $200.00.  Approximately every 30-60 days we drive by the property to make sure that the exterior and grounds are being maintained. This also gives us an opportunity to ensure that only the vehicles listed on the lease are parked at the home, helping us to know if there may be any additional residents. It may also allow us to see if there are any unapproved pets on premises.  FSPM maintains accurate records of receipts, expenses, and accruals to the homeowner.  Homeowners receive a monthly statement with copies of invoices/receipts.  Once per leasing period we provide an Annual Property Condition Review. This review includes photos of the property with recommendations regarding upkeep, maintenance, and repairs.

Full Service Property Management will contact all parties to inquire about renewal approximately 60 days prior to the lease expiration.  If all parties agree to renew, FSPM will process the renewal and continue with monthly management.  If either party does not want to renew, we will provide tenants with the necessary move-out documents and arrange for a move-out walk-thru on or around the lease expiration date.  FSPM will then process the appropriate documents and begin advertising the home for rent 30-45 days prior to the current lease expiration.  Our goal is to secure a qualified tenant as quickly as possible to minimize vacancy.  Once the tenants vacate the property, FSPM will assess the condition of the property to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition it was provided, minus normal wear-and-tear.  If a claim needs to be made FSPM will process the claim according to Florida Landlord/Resident Laws (F.S. 83). 

For more information on our services or fees, please contact us!

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