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Information for HOMEOWNERS

As we know that Landlords have a great deal of information to process, this page is dedicated to our valued Homeowners.  Full of information relevant to your role as a homeowner/landlord, this page will be extremely helpful in answering many of your questions.

Homeowner Handbook


This handbook will answer many of your questions.  It clarifies your responsibilities and defines our expectations.  We have a handbook for the tenants letting them know their responsibilities as well.

Property Management

This PDF provides a summary of the services provided by Full Service Property Management.

Property Mgt Agreement

This document is an example of the agreement between the homeowner and the management company.  It provides information on the associated fees and describes the services provided by FSPM. 


If your property is located in a community with a Homeowner or Condo Association, you may find this link handy.  Associations regulate all sorts of items, so check the covenants and restrictions to be sure you are in compliance.

Landlord/ Tenant Law

Tenants and Landlords are both covered by this law, as it defines the roles and resonsibilities of each party.  This link takes you to a PDF version of the actual law.

Landlord/ Tenant Law

This presents a great summary of the law.  It defines rights and responsibilities of each party in a comprehensive manner.  The summary is presented by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

IRS W9  Form

If we find you a tenant and/or manage your property, Uncle Sam wants us to have a W9 on file for you.  This assists us in providing you with your 1099 form for tax season, as well.

Homeowner Info Sheet

As communication is a vital part of our relationship, please be sure to provide and/or update your information using this form.

Lead-Based Paint Form

If you own a home that was built prior to 1978, a lead-based paint disclosure is required.  Remember that you are considered the "Lessor".

Lease Example


Here is an example of the core of one of our leases.  This will give you an idea how our leases are written.

Lease Video


All lease signers MUST view this video in its entirety before signing the lease agreement.  It actually has some pretty useful information.

Although we have done our best to provide you with an abundance of information relevant to the duration of your agreement with Full Service Property Management, there are always more questions.  Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will do our best to supply you with answers.  We are also open to suggestions for website content.  Our goal is to make this website a great resource for you!

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