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Were you APPROVED? - Here's your next step

Congratulations!  If you have been approved, a representative from Full Service Property Management has contacted you to provide details.  You should also have received a letter (usually via email) with instructions on how to proceed. 


As the letter details, you have 48 hours to provide Full Service Property Management with a non-refundable $200.00 Good-Faith Deposit.  Once this deposit is received we will order the lease.  We will first present the lease to the you for review and signatures.  We will then forward it to the homeowners for the same.  Again, the letter you will receive will provide more details.


The amount of time before you receive your lease agreement depends on your specific move in date.  Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the lease example presented below.  Our leases follow the same general format, so the example should provide you with an idea of the common elements of our leases. 


In addition, there is a lease video presented below.  This video must be watched in its entirety by all parties to the lease, prior to signing the lease. 


If you have any questions, please contact Full Service Property Management immediately! 

Lease Example

Here is an example of the core of one of our leases.  This will give you an idea how our leases are written.

Lease Video


All lease signers MUST view this video in its entirety before signing the lease agreement.  It actually has some pretty useful information.

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